The Holland 32 is the icon of downeast workboats. The original design was a collaboration between Glen Holland and Royal Lowell, the son of Will Frost whom is often referred to as ‘the grandfather of modern lobster boats’. The original was a 30’ hull with the tall bow and full midsections leading into the tumblehome transom. With the flare forward she was known for her ability to knock down spray and ride smoothly through rough seas.

When the molds to this design were destroyed in a fire Glenn Holland then lengthened the design by 2’, adding a bit more overall grace to the lines, and started building the classic Holland 32 in 1979. More than 150 hulls have come out of Glen’s shop.

It’s known for its grace and pleasing lines, its easy movement through rough seas, and its economy underway. It also remained very stable with larger engines. Hull number 11, named the Red Baron, was powered with a custom built GM and made speeds of 57.8 mph in the 1981 Jonesport lobster boat races. The 32 has also developed into a very nice recreational downeast picnic/island commuter boat. When it came to building a boat here at Gamage Shipyard the Holland 32 was an easy choice.



The Holland 32 hull, deck, and house used by Gamage Shipyard are manufactured by Holland Boatworks. Once hull and deck are complete, they are transported to Gamage Shipyard. Upon arrival we install the drive lines, running gear, systems and interiors, Awlgrip the topsides and house, interior and deck appointments and then detail the build.

Extensive sea trials are done with engine manufacturer on board to ensure the proper function of drive lines and gear as well as making sure all warranty parameters are met. Boat handling, functionality of all systems and electronics are all tested to deliver a turn key product ready for years of service.

These boats are powered with a Yanmar 8LV350 @ 350 bhp coupled with a ZF 220A 2.04:1 gear. With this engine the boat will make 27+ knots @ WOT with a cruise of 22 knots and a burn rate of 9 gph. Optional engines include the Yanmar 8LV370 w/ZF220A and the Cummins QSB-SL6.7 380 w/ZF85A of which either engine will drive the boat to 30+ knots. Any of the packages can be set up with a V-drive to allow for centerline companionway access to the forward cabin.

The electrical systems are state of the art and fully ABYC compliant with custom panels (boat name can be engraved onto the panel) and din rail technology.



Bilge pump system is equipped with three automated pumps, a fore, midships, and aft pump with manual test, run LED and high-water LED as well as a mutable audible alarm. On the bilge pump panel is also the cockpit hatch gutters overboard sump. The helm and the bilge pump panel are equipped with auxiliary USB charge ports.

These boats are built with Maine craftsmanship and care ready to put you and your family on the water for years to come. Contact us at Gamage Shipyard, 207-644-8181 to talk about yours.

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Led by GM Mike Tatro, the team at Gamage Shipyard holds itself to very high standards. Bring your boat, bring your plans; the team at Gamage Shipyard can help you realize your boating dreams.